About Dreamwood

The unique duo Dreamwood stands out with their exceptional ambitiousness, fancy and love for the environment.

Dreamwood – that's Mira and Dino, two young musicians with remarkably different musical backgrounds who teamed up in 2012 with one vision: Uniting music and images in one atmospheric piece of art to enchant people and take them to unknown, fantastic places while maintaining a message of sustainablity and care for our planet. "Music for the planet" is our motto.

Dreamwood's music is defined by harmony-driven arrangements and a large diversity of different, mostly organic sounds - crowned by the versatile and charismatic voices of Mira and Dino.

Our compositions range from acoustic ballads to epic rock anthems, often spiced with a subtle folk nuance as well as lyrics inspired by history and mythology.
Next to being vocalists, we both play a number of different instruments which enabled us to give our debut album "Come True" (released in 2015) its rich spectrum of sounds.

When playing live, we most often act as an acoustic duo, but we also enjoy playing with a full band line-up to bring our larger arrangements to life on stage.
Playing as a duo makes it possible to maintain a very personal relationship with the audience and to perform sets of both original music and covers with a dynamic spontaneity that makes each of our shows a one-of-a-kind experience.


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Contact Information

Mira Lynne
Tel.: (+49) (0)157 58 29 67 37