Dreamwood & Planet Earth

Ever since we started our musical journey, we've had the vision of giving our art a sense of purpose.

What more profound cause can there be than protecting the one planet that provides us with everything we need - keeping alive this tiny blue marble in the universe that keeps us alive?

That is why, aside from the "green" message that is part of everything we do, we constantly seek to incorporate sustainability into the production of our albums and videos. It is easy to forget that the things we do every day make the largest difference - and most of them require a great variety of material and non-material resources.

Sustainability & Music - how does that look?

  • Our productions use electricity from renewable resources whenever we have the choice
  • The printed material for our debut album "Come True" was printed climate-neutrally by the UmweltDruckerei - using renewable energy sources and plant-based colours
  • For each copy of our album "Come True" that is being sold, we donate 1€ to the Haller Foundation
  • Our EP "Storytime" does not use traditional plastic jewel cases, but rather a so-called "Digifile" packaging made of cardboard
  • Frankly, there is so much more we plan on doing for our planet... we'll keep you updated!