About Dreamwood

Dreamwood – a dynamic trio born from the unique blend of diverse musical backgrounds, weaving together their stories in a symphony of rock, pop, and folk sounds. Formed in 2012, this new musical journey began when Ida, Mira  and Dino  joined forces with a shared vision: to create an musical tapestry that unites sophistication and emotion.

In the spirit of their shared vision, Dreamwood invites you to embark on a journey into uncharted musical territories. Their tunes, a fusion of covers and originals, tell tales of life's highs and lows, dreams and realities. Multi-layered harmonious voices that together with their symphonic arrangements enchants and invites you to explore the unknown. In every performance and every composition, they beckon you to join them on this musical odyssey through the harmonious realms of rock, pop, and symphony.


If you are interested in booking Dreamwood, make requests, suggestions, leave any kind of comments, remarks or recommendations or simply share your ideas with us, feel free to contact us using the means below.

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Contact Information

Mira Lynne
Tel.: (+49) (0)157 58 29 67 37


  • Dreamwood can be booked as an acoustic Trio (two guitars, two voices, Violin) or featuring a full band line-up
  • We offer both a set of original songs (Folk, Rock, Acoustic/Pop Rock) and cover versions of selected songs by Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles, The Who, Hurts, Foreigner and many more
  • Our repertoire (consisting of both originals and covers) currently covers up to 120 minutes, combining band and duo/trio performance (band only: 60 min, duo/trio only: 90 min)
  • We negotiate our pay based on the budget, purpose and size of the respective event
  • Prices usually start at 700€ (exceptions can be made for non-profit events and the like)